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            A.P FACT FILE


New Andhra Pradesh State Statistics and Facts 2014

The new state of Andhra Pradesh came into existence from 2nd June 2014. Following are the brief statistics of new Andhra Pradesh State / Seemandhra after the bifurcation. The official logo, emblem, state song and bird remain unchanged for the Andhra Pradesh. The new government in Andhra Pradesh formed on 8th June 2014 with Shri. N. Chandrababu Naidu as the first chief minister of the new state. Here are the facts and figures of the state of AP:

1) Geographical Extent: 1,60,200 sq.k.m.

2) Population: 4.938 crores

3) Density of population: 308 per sq.k.m.

4) Per capita income: Rs. 76041

5) Literacy rate: 67.41 percent

6) Coastal Area: 974 K.M.

7) ST Population: 26,31,145 (5.33 percent)

8) SC Population: 84,45,398 (17.10 percent)

9) Women population: 2.464 crores

10) Male Population: 2.473 crores

11) Male Female ratio: 996 women for 1000 men.

Agriculture Statistics:

1) Land with irrigation facility: 41,54,322 hectares

2) Irrigation under canals: 19,99,408 hectares

3) Irrigation under ponds and lakes: 4,50,257 hectares

4) Irrigation under bore-wells and motors: 15,61,170 hectares.


1) Major, medium and small industries: 99411

2) Employment through industries: 14,01,119

3) Major industries: Shipping, Paper, Engineering, Steel, Sponge Iron, Cement, Granite, Cotton, Jute, Coconut, Pharma, IT and Leather industries.

Ports: Visakhapatnam, Dugarajapatnam / Ramayampatnam, Bhavanapadu, Kalingapatnam, Bheemunipatnam, Kakinada, Narsapur, Machilipatnam, Vadarevu, Nizampatnam, Krishnapatnam, Gangavaram, Mutyalamma Palem and S. Yanam.

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